Classes have been established. Ideas have been agreed upon. Roles are set in stone. And so are societies. What’s there left to explore when all grounds and matters have been discovered and distributed swiftly through screens and shelfs. Observing has become the ‘new’ way of experiencing and the unknown is now less of a desire and more of a much-needed escape from the familiar. Although inventions and current creations are still perceived as ‘the new’, they are yet not seen as surprising, revolutionary if you may, to wow its consumers enough, or even ‘take their breath away’.

To observe is to look. And to look, even in the need of searching for details, is to become motionless and, at most, take a step closer to the object being viewed.  

We thus invite you to, in a way, rebel against the action of seeing, hence the label of an observer, and become an explorer instead. Exploration, we insist, begins within the self, first.  Therefore, we ask from you to engage all your senses, along with sensory such, and allow yourself to let the act of exploring (oneself) lead you to the act of experiencing the outward.

Time travelling, figuratively speaking, allows us to meet elements, along with ourselves in the very beginning of their making. Take for instance photo albums, where one can observe oneself as younger, and although not capable of changing their childhood, is more than able to alter their future whilst being inspired by their own past. A similar thing can also occur when we encounter objects. Although something may seem permanent, in many instances, it can be transformed, whether through destruction or by adding more to it.

The point we are trying to establish here is that by observing the already established, permanent, we can envision its possible future by the simple act of exploring and bringing ourselves back to the time we once struggled when attempting to create, establish, learn or come up with something authentic, for us and others.

Our ideas have all began by destructing past such and thus dealing with what’s left, fragments, in an unfamiliar manner- also very childlike- with the aim of delivering something revolutionary and challenging to humans’ perceptions, yet inspired by our very true nature.

So, here’s our challenge for you:

Cease the idea of observing and begin exploring … once again.